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Molybsan® repel-X modifies all non-absorbent surfaces so that microorganisms have hardly any chance of adhesion. Disinfection is essential in the healthcare sector (hospitals, retirement homes, pharma industry) -  here Molybsan® repel-X can offer support in various ways: from reduced bacterial adhesion or biofilms through increased solvent or disinfectant stability all the way to increasing the hardness of the substrate - Molybsan® repel-X lends several advantages to the protected surface. Molybsan® repel-Y repels all aqueous or oil-based substances - including blood and sweat - and prevents same from penetration as a breeding ground for microorganisms. All the while the invisible coating proves washable and disinfectant-resistant.


An investment that will and can save lives! Every year 91,000 people still die from hospital acquired Europe alone!