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Molybsan®: invisible ceramic changes structure, surface energy and resilience of the substrate, so microorganisms and their feeding source gain insufficient adherence. Its reaction is purely physical and it contains no biocide or pesticide.

The ceramic components of Molybsan® protect the surface from chemical attacks/impacts (e.g. disinfectants), mechanical attacks/impacts (e.g. continuous abrasive cleaning) or radiation (e.g  UV light). Molybsan® reaches up to 9H on the pencil hardness scale.

“Hygiene – made in Germany” – equals quality control and coordinated processes – as well as easy application and product safety: the ultra-thin ceramic liquid can be applied in a do-it-yourself process and is food safe after having dried thoroughly at room temperature.

"Ceramic’s History is over 30,000 years old - we are currently experiencing a significant leap in technology."

Oliver Sonntag, CEO Nano-Care Deutschland AG